Project 12 Challenge Unites Law Enforcement Community to $1 Donation


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Cops 4 Causes

Darin Pastor brings more than two decades of financial experience to his position as chairman and CEO of Capstone Financial Group, a California-based holding company he founded in 2013. A contributor to multiple nonprofit organizations over the course of his career, Darin Pastor formerly volunteered with Cops 4 Cause. The organization administers numerous initiatives benefitting law enforcement officers and first responders. One such program is the Project 12 Challenge.

The initiative challenges first responders and supporters of the law enforcement community to bond together for change by committing to a tax-deductible donation of $1 a month and recruiting 12 other friends, family members, and/or co-workers to do the same.

Cops 4 Cause encourages members of law enforcements agencies from across the country to participate. Funds generated by the project will go toward Cops 4 Cause programs and annually selected beneficiaries. Programs benefit members of law enforcement, military veterans, children, and other persons affected by life-changing circumstances.


A Look at the FINRA Series 63 Exam



Darin Pastor leverages nearly two decades of financial industry experience to serve as the chief executive officer of Capstone Affluent Strategies. Complementing his experience, Darin Pastor holds several professional certificates from the Wharton School of Business in addition to Series 6, 7, 24, 51, 63, and 66 licenses.

The Series 63 license is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a nonprofit organization that works to regulate the investment industry and protect investors. A securities license, the Series 63 allows financial professionals to sell securities such as mutual funds, variable annuities, and stocks.

Financial professionals seeking to obtain the credential must first pass a formal exam known as the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination. The test, which spans 60 questions within a 75-minute time limit, covers topics that include principles of state securities regulation and ethics under the Uniform Securities Act. Moreover, it covers fiduciary responsibilities of financial professionals, the registration of persons, and security regulations, as well as business practices and client communications.

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An Overview of Twinlab’s Products for Mothers and Infants


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Twinlab’s Infant Care Drops

A wealth management professional, Darin Pastor worked for four years at JP Morgan Chase, where he was the top senior investment manager in multiple categories in 2009. Currently, Darin Pastor serves as chief executive officer and principal at Capstone Affluent Strategies.

Capstone Affluent Strategies operates as a subsidiary of Capstone Financial Group, which strategically invests in promising business ventures, including a $57 million investment in Twinlab Consolidation Corporation.

A nutrition and health company, Twinlab produces and distributes a wide range of supplements, teas, minerals, and sports nutrition products. The firm’s supplements include pre- and post-natal options designed for mothers and babies.

Twinlab’s Infant Care Drops are a multivitamin drop for infants specially designed to provide 20 milligrams of DHA, a nutrient naturally found in breast milk that supports healthy development. The company’s Prenatal Caps are a dietary supplement for pregnant mothers providing 22 nutrients, including magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, and folic acid. Each bottle or Prenatal Caps consists of 120 pills, a two-month supply.

Vitamin C Supplements Help Prevent Disease in Vulnerable Children


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Vitamin Angels

Darin Pastor has worked as an executive in the finance industry for more than 20 years. In that time, Darin Pastor has supported a range of charitable causes, including Vitamin Angels, an organization that works to supply vitamin supplements to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Physicians point out that vitamin C is particularly important for children to maintain adequate health and growth. The vitamin is essential for proper development of the skin, muscle, and connective tissues.

An appropriate intake of vitamin C is also necessary for proper wound healing and the prevention of scurvy, a disease in which weakened capillaries produce severe bleeding. Vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron, which plays a significant part in preventing and treating anemia.

While citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, and certain other foods provide significant amounts of vitamin C, many children in conflict-ridden or under-resourced parts of the world lack access to these healthy foods. Without the supplements provided by Vitamin Angels, the children could remain severely malnourished.