Three Important Benefits of Renewable Energy


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Renewable Energy

Darin Pastor, CEO of Capstone Affluent Strategies headquartered in East Amherst, New York, has more than 20 years of experience in business management and financial services. Expanding on that knowledge base, Darin Pastor has a vision of creating the first emission-free agricultural manufacturing facility, fueling a discussion about the benefits of renewable and clean alternative energy sources. The following are three benefits relating to our climate, health, and economy.

1. A lowered effect on global warming: Overall, renewable energy sources have very little impact on emissions, compared to electricity production, accounting for over one-third of United States global warming emissions. Wind and solar power can be stored in batteries, and used like any other electricity source without the waste.

2. It is better for public health: Using energy sources besides fossil fuels, such as solar and hydroelectric power, lowers the risk of breathing problems, heart attacks and cancer, which are conditions sometimes attributed to coal and natural gas. Wind and solar energy also have no impact on water sources.

3. It creates jobs and fuels the economy: Renewable energy is a labor-intensive industry, while fossil fuel is often mechanized. The Union of Concerned Scientists postulated that a 25 percent increase in renewable energy would create three times as many jobs as the fossil fuel industry, bringing the number to around 202,000 new jobs.

Cooperative Education at Drexal University


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Cooperative Education

CEO of Capstone Affluent Strategies located in East Amherst, New York, Darin Pastor has over two decades of executive experience in the financial sector. Earning his undergraduate degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Darin Pastor is part of a proud network of alumni to graduate from this honored institution, thrilled to feature one of the nations oldest cooperative education programs.

While Drexel University was originally established in 1891, the cornerstone of the institution was to be the cooperative education program, which was started in 1919. The first of its kind, it is now the pride of the University, allowing students to alternate between full-time study and full-time employment. The merit of this method of study is the unparalleled work experience students gain when compared to typical college graduates. Certain co-op programs are paid, and those graduating from this program at Drexel are usually hired at a higher salary level.

Drexel’s co-op program is also unique in it’s international programs, allowing students to live and work abroad, from Brazil and China to India and Japan. This adds benefits such as improved foreign language skills, a better understanding of other cultures, and international business experience.

Cops 4 Causes’ Project 12 Challenge


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Cops 4 Causes

Since founding Capstone Financial Group, Darin Pastor has led the firm to achieve a market capitalization of more than $350 million. Also active in philanthropy, Darin Pastor has supported several organizations, including Cops 4 Causes.

A nonprofit organization, Cops 4 Causes promotes the charitable efforts of law enforcement officers, peace officers, and public safety officials as they raise funds to support military veterans and the families of law enforcement officers wounded or killed in the line of duty.

One fundraising program of Cops 4 Causes is the Project 12 Challenge, which encourages law enforcement officers and other first responders to donate just $1 per month, which the organization will distribute to its annual beneficiaries and other programs. Donations will help fund programs that assist law enforcement personnel, veterans, children, and individuals facing life-altering circumstances.

Cops 4 Causes is asking personnel in every law enforcement agency across the country to make a tax-deductible donation of $1 per month, and encourage their friends and families to do the same, in order to maximize the impact of the organization’s programs for those in need.

Vitamin Angels – Providing Prenatal Vitamins to Women

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Vitamin Angels

An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Darin Pastor completed the school’s Advanced Management Program. He is also finishing a master of laws in international banking and finance at the University of Liverpool, where he earlier earned a master of business administration. Outside of his role as CEO of Capstone Affluent Strategies in Irvine, California, Darin Pastor has contributed to several organizations, including Vitamin Angels.

Vitamin Angels provides vitamins to over 52 million women and children in 66 countries around the world to help them avoid preventable diseases, blindness, and death. One of the organization’s areas of focus is on prenatal vitamins, as babies who are malnourished while in the womb are at risk of being stillborn or being born small or underweight. Prenatal vitamins help women support the growth of their babies right up to the time of birth.

Vitamins can also help women produce sufficient breast milk to nourish their babies after they’re born. By taking vitamins and breastfeeding for six months after giving birth, women can also recover from the delivery process more quickly.