The Creation of Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels pic
Vitamin Angels

As a professional in the finance industry, Darin Pastor has worked in the areas of mortgages, insurance, and investment opportunities for over 10 years. In his free time, Darin Pastor supports Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit that aims to provide essential nutrients to people in need.

Vitamin Angels was created in 1994 when an earthquake hit Southern California. A disaster relief agency contacted well-known nutritionist Howard Schiffer to ask if he could donate vitamins to survivors. Since vitamin A is inexpensive and can provide such a large impact on a child’s health and wellness, he created Vitamin Angels to help fulfill the deficiency in children across the world.

In 2013, the drugstore Walgreens donated $3.5 million to Vitamin Angels. Additionally, Walgreens teamed with more than 20 vendors to contribute 25 cents from each select purchase to Vitamin Angels. Each 25-cent donation provides a year’s supply of vitamin A for a child.


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