The Dream Center Outreaches – Helping People in Need


Dream Center pic
Dream Center

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Darin Pastor serves as the CEO and chairman of Capstone Financial Group, Inc. Aside from managing investments through Capstone, Darin Pastor has volunteered his time with the Dream Center.

Located in Los Angeles, the Dream Center provides monthly relief for over 80,000 individuals facing issues such as addiction, homelessness, human trafficking, and more. By providing shelter, transitional housing, and rehabilitation programs to survivors, the Dream Center helps those in need while also providing educational opportunities for urban missionaries and emerging philanthropic leaders.

The Dream Center hosts many different types of outreach. At the Food Chapel, the Dream Center provides free nutritional meals once a month to anyone who needs food in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Another outreach effort is the Skid Row project, where volunteers visit the downtown L.A. area that is synonymous with poverty and homelessness. Every Friday, Dream Center volunteers take food and water to those in need, while also picking up litter and trash.


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