Cops 4 Causes Supports Law Enforcement Fundraising

Cops 4 Causes pic
Cops 4 Causes

Darin Pastor, Chairman and CEO of Capstone Financial Group, Inc., is involved in a range of philanthropic activities. Among these, Darin Pastor supports Cops 4 Causes, a Southern California nonprofit.

The mission of the West Hollywood based organization is to unite members of law enforcement with financial benefactors and community members at fundraising events. Members of the law enforcement community, military veterans and troops, and their families often struggle with devastating circumstances and disabilities but lack the resources and funds to help them cope. Pauley Perrette, a star of NCIS, is a passionate supporter of this organization.

Cops 4 Causes supports grassroots efforts with the goal of making them as successful as possible. The organization is the first stand-alone 501(c)(3) nonprofit to highlight the fundraising efforts of the law enforcement community. This notable charity provides financial assistance to members of the law enforcement community and their families who struggle with diabetes, MS, cancer, TB, Down syndrome, HIV/AIDS, and injuries that occurred in the line of duty.


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