Persuasion in Business Is a Fine Art


Persuasion in Business pic
Persuasion in Business

Darin Pastor began his career at Pepsi-Cola Buffalo Bottling Corporation in western New York. Now an accomplished business executive with two decades of experience with JPMorgan Chase and other major financial institutions, he studied at Drexel University before graduating with an MBA from the University of Liverpool. Darin Pastor’s educational background also includes study at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned certifications in leadership, negotiation, and strategic persuasion.

Experts on the topic have pointed to persuasion as an art, one that involves communication and compromise, rather than manipulation. In today’s world, increasingly powered by teams rather than by the top-down management styles so prevalent only a generation ago, the ability to persuade has become a vital business skill.

Persuasion also involves strategy, in that while many people are capable of being persuaded to take a particular course of action, not all will be amenable to persuasion at any given time. Therefore, a business leader needs to select his or her most likely allies and convince them to undertake a course of action that is in their own, as well as the persuader’s, best interest.

A persuader, experts say, needs to maintain credibility and approachability, and additionally needs to demonstrate respect and consideration for potential associates, which can in turn increase their desire to reciprocate.


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