Volunteering at the Dream Center of Los Angeles

Dream Center of Los Angeles pic
Dream Center of Los Angeles
Image: dreamcenter.org

Darin Pastor serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Capstone Financial Group in Irvine, California. Outside of work, Darin Pastor maintains a strong commitment to philanthropy and supports a number of nonprofits, including the Dream Center. Since 1994, this organization has helped change the lives of tens of thousands of individuals through mobile hunger and medical programs, as well as transitional housing, shelter, and other initiatives.

The Dream Center largely operates through the generosity of volunteers. The organization invites individuals to donate their skills and talents for a few hours, an entire day, or even a regular schedule of service, depending on their availability. Individuals can largely tailor volunteer opportunities to their interests.

Volunteers are regularly needed in the marketing department, where they can use their skills as photographers, graphic designers, and administrators. Teachers are needed to serve as tutors, mentors, and instructors at the Dream Center Academy, while women with experience in social work, crisis management, and mental health care can serve in the Human Trafficking Program. In addition, the organization’s Counseling Center regularly seeks trained therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists.


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