The Advantages of Annuities

Annuities pic

Darin Pastor is an accomplished sales manager and financial advisor with over ten years of experience. A Series 7-licensed professional currently serving as a managing director at JP Morgan Chase, Darin Pastor and his team at JP Morgan Chase produced over one billion dollars in sales of financial products in 2009. Annuities were one of the products sold, which can offer multiple advantages to an individual’s financial plan.

A type of insurance product, annuities are popular as part of a retirement strategy because they offer many advantages as an investment. Some advantageous characteristics of annuities include:

Tax deferment – all funds placed into an annuity are tax-deferred

No annual limits – annuities have no yearly limit, as does a Roth IRA or a 401k, so an individual can invest as much in an annuity as he or she chooses

Tax free compounding – funds placed in an annuity grow through compound interest with no tax due to the government

Payment flexibility – individuals can choose a lump sum payment or a guaranteed payment at intervals, offering a steady income stream


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