How Vitamin Angels Works to Reduce Child Mortality

Vitamin A Deficiencies
Vitamin A Deficiencies

Outside of his responsibilities as chairman and CEO of Capstone Financial Group in Southern California, Darin Pastor remains dedicated to giving back to his community. Darin Pastor supports several charities, including Vitamin Angels, which seeks to reduce child mortality around the world by ensuring that children under five have access to the essential nutrients for building a healthy immune system.

Vitamin Angels places a special focus on reaching undeserved populations. While most governments maintain health and nutrition services, few have the resources to meet all the needs of their citizens. To reach these individuals, Vitamin Angels partners with local nonprofit organizations focused on the needs of women and children. Vitamin Angels works exclusively with organizations that provide complementary services and coordinate with existing national health services.

At present, the Vitamin Angels network includes more than 800 local nonprofits around the world that have provided information about how to fill the gaps in health services most effectively. The current model involves a phase of planning and preparing, which includes gathering resources, followed by partnership with organizations to reach populations in need. Then, sustainable development is achieved by establishing local funding and management.


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