Los Angeles Charity Works to Rebuild Broken Dreams

Dream Center of Los Angeles pic
Dream Center of Los Angeles
Image: dreamcenter.org

As CEO and chairman of Irvine, California-based Capstone Financial Group Inc., Darin Pastor brings his more than 25 years of experience in sales, staff development, and executive decision-making to further the success of his company. He also contributes to charitable organizations in the Southern California community and beyond. Thanks to support from generous donors such as Darin Pastor, the Dream Center in Los Angeles is able to mobilize food and medical programs to assist some 80,000 individuals and families every month.

The faith-based Dream Center also offers transitional shelters, residence-based rehabilitation centers, vocational and life skills training and coaching, and foundational education programs to adults and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Los Angeles Dream Center is one of more than 100 dream centers that are working to foster positive changes in communities around the country and around the world.

The Los Angeles Dream Center is home to numerous success stories, all as different as the people who have lived them. One young woman, a survivor of childhood abuse and human trafficking, escaped her captor and contacted the center for help. Her rescue by the Dream Center led her to a safe place to stay and a new path toward a happy and productive life.

In another instance, a teen severely beaten while in long-term foster care found hope through the friendship extended by the center’s staff. The center’s Freedom House, set up to meet the needs of transitional-age youth, offers basic housing, food, and necessities to help young adults become self-reliant and emotionally strong.


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