Arizona Coyotes and Little Howlers Hockey

Little Howlers Hockey pic
Little Howlers Hockey

Darin Pastor currently serves as the chief executive officer and principal at Capstone Affluent Strategies, a California-based independent wealth management firm. Also an active fellow of the Wharton School of Business and former division manager of a Pepsi distribution company, Darin Pastor has over a decade of experience as a financial advisor and executive. In addition to his work as a wealth management professional, Mr. Pastor also led a group of investors who made a serious bid to purchase the Arizona Coyotes.

The Arizona Coyotes is a team in the National Hockey League (NHL) that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Featured on and other news outlets, the bid to purchase the Coyotes stemmed from a group of potential investors that included affluent business partners and friends of Mr. Pastor. Although the bid to purchase the Coyotes did not pan out, it did provide a learning experience for the group of would-be buyers who remain interested in the future potential of owning a professional sports team.

In addition to competing in the NHL, the Coyotes organization also operates youth hockey such as the Little Howlers Hockey program, an on-ice initiative made possible through a partnership with the Arizona Amateur Hockey Association, One Goal, and regional hockey rinks. The program, which runs for four weeks, is for children ages four through eight and provides the free use of equipment and skates so they can learn basic hockey skills.


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