A Potential Franchise-Boosting Purchase of the NHL Phoenix Coyotes

NHL Phoenix Coyotes pic
NHL Phoenix Coyotes
Image: nhl.com

The chairman and CEO of Capstone Financial Group, Inc., Darin Pastor seeks out companies that are undervalued and offer significant investment opportunities. He emphasizes a hands-on “operations-centric” approach in ensuring that profitability goals are met. Among Darin Pastor’s noteworthy business endeavors was a bid to acquire the NHL Phoenix Coyotes.

Mr. Pastor brought together an investor group and engaged proactively with both the city of Glendale and the NHL in brokering a potential deal that would bring stability to a team still recovering from a 2009 bankruptcy.

That deal saw ownership of a struggling franchise partially owned by NHL legend Wayne Gretzky revert to the NHL. Over the next four years a number of potential suitors, including a San Jose Sharks executive, sought pathways toward acquisition of the team, but had financing arrangements fall through.

Mr. Pastor’s proposed acquisition drew on a family legacy as grandson of the owner of a Calder Cup-winning American Hockey League team. He described the Coyotes as being motivated and driven by the fan-supported talents of young players. However, despite the profit potential he outlined for the $170 million deal, the NHL decided not to accept it in 2013.


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