Digitization Reshapes the Financial Services Sector

fintech digital innovation

Darin Pastor, formerly an executive with JPMorgan Chase, has since 2012 served as chairman and CEO of Capstone Financial Group, Inc. His track record of success includes producing $36 million in gross revenue out of sales of approximately $450 billion for Chase. In all of his leadership positions, Darin Pastor has focused on creating a climate of innovation.

The financial services field has seen recent technological developments that, according to some observers, have established an ongoing climate of disruption. Others see multiple new opportunities. In any case, experts point out that the only way forward is to embrace innovation in order to harness the potential of technology to build on past success.

Recent digital advances in the fintech sector include robot-assisted transactions, inter-operability with other digital systems in consumers’ lives, and big-data analytics that can provide minutely detailed information about customer behavior in order to improve the customer service experience. In addition, prestigious universities have added advanced degrees specifically in fintech digital innovation.

Digitization offers the potential to give customers a rich level of personalization at a time when individuals are becoming both better informed and more independent regarding their financial lives. Today’s generation of customers increasingly demands a seamless experience that offers a wide range of options and access to financial advice anytime, anywhere.

To this end, a number of top-tier financial firms have established a “high-tech, high-touch” environment, in which they make extensive use of digital wealth management technologies combined with personalized service.


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