Cops 4 Causes Golden Ticket Program Helps Foster Children

Cops 4 Causes Golden Ticket pic
Cops 4 Causes Golden Ticket

A diversely experienced financial executive, Darin Pastor maintains responsibilities as CEO and principal of the Capstone Financial Group subsidiary Capstone Affluent Strategies. Outside of his professional pursuits, Darin Pastor has supported the work of several charitable organizations, including Cops 4 Causes.

As the first nonprofit of its kind, Cops 4 Causes brings together a community of law enforcement officers, public security personnel, and members of the general public who are looking to engage in philanthropic work. In order to serve the needs of various local groups, the organization runs a number of support initiatives, including the Golden Ticket program.

Held in collaboration with foster family agencies and the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, the Cops 4 Causes Golden Ticket program aims to enrich the lives of foster children and their families. The organization regularly pairs these youths with first responders and military members, who accompany them on community outings: twice a month, Cops 4 Causes invites program participants to local events such as theater shows, educational seminars, and sporting events.

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