PepsiCo’s Rolling Remembrance Relay in Fourth Year


Rolling Remembrancepic
Rolling Remembrance

Top-producing finance executive Darin Pastor founded Capstone Financial Group and currently serves as CEO of its subsidiary, Capstone Affluent Strategies, a wealth and asset management firm. Prior to his role at Capstone, Darin Pastor was a division manager at the Pepsi Cola Buffalo Bottling Corporation, which was owned by his family for nearly 50 years.

The PepsiCo, Inc., has a long tradition of honoring military servicemen, veterans, and their families through philanthropic efforts. Since 2015, every May the beverage company has celebrated Military Appreciation Month by hosting its Rolling Remembrance relay fundraiser. A cohort of PepsiCo drivers with veteran status stretching from Seattle to New York work together to transport a symbolic flag, which was originally flown from a combat helicopter during Operation Enduring Freedom, across the country.

During the course of the 8,000-mile journey made up of 50 checkpoints, locals are invited to host fundraising campaigns and boost the drivers’ morale. Rolling Remembrance raises money for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, which provides Gold Star children with college scholarships. Last year, the relay raised a total of $203,000 in contributions.


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