About Darin Pastor

Darin Pastor began his professional career as the Division Manager/owner of Pepsi-Cola Buffalo Bottling Corp. From 1989 to 1996, he was responsible for marketing and distributing beverages for Pepsi, Cadbury, and Procter & Gamble while managing a staff of 45 sales representatives. He credits this learning opportunity to his grandfather, who founded Pepsi-Cola Buffalo in the 1940s.

After selling his stake in Pepsi-Cola Buffalo, Darin Pastor founded American Mortgage Affiliates, specializing in mortgage sales, insurance, and mutual funds with seven retail financial center locations throughout New York. Mr. Pastor sold his stake in the company in 2004.

Darin Pastor went on to work at Wachovia Bank/First Union, Citizens Investment Services, and JPMorgan Chase. At JPMorgan Chase, Mr. Pastor was a Senior Vice President/Senior Investment Manager. In this position, he was responsible for supervising 12 managers overseeing 229 financial advisors in Southern California. In 2009, his accomplishments included generating $1.46 billion in annual sales and over $36 million in gross revenue. This made him number one in the country in sales and assets under management.

Darin Pastor attended Drexel University and the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Liverpool. Mr. Pastor holds certificates in Strategic Persuasion, Leading the Effective Sales Force, Mergers and Acquisitions, Negotiation: Bargaining for Advantage, and Professional Development from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and is an active Wharton Fellow.

Currently, Darin Pastor is the Managing Director at Prudential Financial in the greater Los Angeles area. He holds FINRA Series 7, 66, 63, 6, and 24 licenses in addition to a life and health insurance license.


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