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L-Carnitine Fuel™ 1100

L-Carnitine Fuel™ 1100 pic
L-Carnitine Fuel™ 1100

Darin Pastor is an established business executive and financial advisor that attended Drexel University and completed the MBA program at the University of Liverpool. A former division manager for Pepsi Cola Buffalo Bottling Corp., Darin Pastor currently serves as chief executive officer and principal at Capstone Affluent Strategies in California.

Headquartered in California, Capstone is a wealth management firm that was founded in 2012. The firm maintains a wide network of independent advisors and invests in various business ventures. For example, a recent PR Newswire online article discussed a $57 million Capstone investment in Twinlab Consolidation Corporation.

Founded in 1968, Twinlab is a health and wellness firm that produces and distributes a range of health supplements and fitness products such as L-Carnitine Fuel™ 1100. The supplement, which is available in liquid form, provides an increase to energy levels, stamina, and overall athletic performance through the amino acid L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine Fuel™ 1100 Is clinically tested and is designed to be used as part of an overall exercise program. For additional information, visit

A Potential Franchise-Boosting Purchase of the NHL Phoenix Coyotes

NHL Phoenix Coyotes pic
NHL Phoenix Coyotes

The chairman and CEO of Capstone Financial Group, Inc., Darin Pastor seeks out companies that are undervalued and offer significant investment opportunities. He emphasizes a hands-on “operations-centric” approach in ensuring that profitability goals are met. Among Darin Pastor’s noteworthy business endeavors was a bid to acquire the NHL Phoenix Coyotes.

Mr. Pastor brought together an investor group and engaged proactively with both the city of Glendale and the NHL in brokering a potential deal that would bring stability to a team still recovering from a 2009 bankruptcy.

That deal saw ownership of a struggling franchise partially owned by NHL legend Wayne Gretzky revert to the NHL. Over the next four years a number of potential suitors, including a San Jose Sharks executive, sought pathways toward acquisition of the team, but had financing arrangements fall through.

Mr. Pastor’s proposed acquisition drew on a family legacy as grandson of the owner of a Calder Cup-winning American Hockey League team. He described the Coyotes as being motivated and driven by the fan-supported talents of young players. However, despite the profit potential he outlined for the $170 million deal, the NHL decided not to accept it in 2013.

The Dream Center Leadership School


Dream Center Leadership School pic
Dream Center Leadership School

Previously a financial executive at JPMorgan Chase and Prudential Financial, Darin Pastor is currently the CEO of Capstone Affluent Strategies, a wealth management firm in California. Darin Pastor’s philanthropic interests include the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California.

The Dream Center operates the Dream Center Leadership School (DCLS), an organization with a mission to strengthen the individual talents and gifts of young people while nurturing their spiritual character. DCLS applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 and should be available full time throughout the course of the program.

A typical day of a DCLS student includes Bible study, prayer, and worship. The schedule also includes classes such as core values, in which students are taught the Bible from a Hebraic point of view to inspire them to learn Biblical culture; devotionals, in which students get a chance to inspire one another with positive messages; and Adopt-a-Block, in which students have the opportunity to touch the lives of those around them by distributing food and hygiene products to people who are underprivileged.